I’m Baaack with a fit tip!

I took a couple months off blogging and I missed it! SO, I am back with lots of good information to share on fit tips, recipes, and more.

My tip for today is when you are hungry but it’s getting later in the evening and you’ve already had your calorie intake for the day, drink a glass of water! I know it’s a basic tip, but it’s a good reminder. Especially because it seems like everytime I listen to that little voice saying “go eat” and I fall into it’s temptation, I end up kicking my self the rest of the night. So, drink water!!! On a scientific note, if you don’t already know, hormones control EVERYTHING we do. I’m serious. The same hormone that tells you your hungry is also telling you your thirsty. If you start to feel thirsty it’s because your already dehydrated. So next time you are feeling hungry grab a glass of water and see if it helps. If it doesn’t (besides late at night) then you can get some food. 


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